Mortar shells created a painter

Mortar shells created a painterimage

08 Sep 2015

Another talent from the city of Aleppo appeared in the child Mohammed al-Aqra, 12-year-old, who paints satirical, cartoons about the war in Syria, and the deteriorating living conditions suffered by his city. In which he copies some from famous drawings, and creates others by simple imagination.

At the beginning of the revolution, Mohammed did not expect Assad to strike his house with mortars, however, he killed unarmed demonstrators according to him, but the regime did it and caused him to flee with his family to another area.

Mohammed’s house was destroyed after they left, “I lost my sweet memories, my drawings were lost but I will continue to paint and I will develop my skill.”

“I am not able to view my paintings”

Mohammed did not have the chance to show his paintings and deliver his messages, “I am not able to view my paintings, because of the financial situation, also because I cannot provide a secure place for the visitors because of the continued rocking of our city”. The child’s father said; the Syrian revolution affected greatly the level of understanding for his child, especially after he witnessed the destroying of their house, and how his father became unemployed.

The war in Syria affected the Syrian children negatively, as they live in fear and worry everyday. More than 2200 children in Syria have been killed according to The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.