Move Beyond the Crisis and Get Students Back to School

Move Beyond the Crisis and Get Students Back to Schoolimage

03 Jun 2015

The quality of education can be increased by poverty reduction, gender equality and women’s empowerment, social justice and peaceful societies. It is crucial to know the importance of education for individuals and societies in emergencies, although education in emergencies has not received any higher priority in humanitarian response. There are a large number of primary and secondary school children are out of school due to living in countries suffer from war and violence. Despite the high number of Syrian children that are unable to attain their right to education in the crisis situations, few percentage of humanitarian aid was directed towards education. This fact has left many children with few hopes of achieving their dreams. Education is a  fundamental right, and every child should receive a quality education. Conflict and crises present a significant barrier to achieving these objective. The ongoing conflict inside Syria is considered to be the worst humanitarian disaster of the present times.

Many Syrian children just roam the streets or forced to fight just to protect themselves or their families. Anamel School teachers are strive to give children their education under such tough times and risk their lives for the lives of others, giving them hope even when their future seems uncertain. Te teachers are trying to make the most out of all they have because it helps them to keep the students away from violence and keep them safe from getting dragged into the conflict. Anamel school still managed to survive and offer help to the students. These children do not have a say in what happens and it is not their fault either, but yet they are the ones badly affected by the ongoing conflict. The number of innocent Syrian students that suffer is continuously increasing, and the displaced of many others is occurring every single day. However, one fact is simple that is: many Syrian students need help, and the more people are aware of the current situation, the more Anamel School initiative can response to the need of many students.

There is a vital need to fulfill the right to education in times of crises and to ensure it is upheld by increase the humanitarian aid to education and improve its mechanism. The attacks against schools should be stopped as it is a gross violation of human rights and international humanitarian law. Anamel School has helped many children return to school, and provided meals and financial support for families. Anamel School initiative is continuing to increase the awareness of the necessity of providing education alongside, and to raise the voices of those whose have been prevented from access education in the conflict. The Syrian students are having their future lying down on the possibility of being hurt by a barrel bomb or a rifle, yet they are still smiling and saying how they are hoping to be doctors or engineers. Education is the single best investment in nations can make, and it needs to be prioritised in emergencies. 

Education in conflict times provides hope for the future because school would offer the brightest hope for the future. Anamel School believes in raising the awareness to the right to education and respect human rights for all. The school also very committed to get the voices of the children who have been affected by the crisis and help them to acquire education as a fundamental human right. Anamel School is as an initiative to amplify the stories of those who strive to attain an education in adversity. The school initiative is also to advocate for their basic human rights and to bring the international community together to address these shared challenges. Anamel School is helping many students who have experienced educational deprivation due to the crisis so they will be able to rebuild their country needs to rebuild.