Mustafa Jacoub simulates Gold Dinar: Stop starving children

Mustafa Jacoub simulates Gold Dinar: Stop starving childrenimage

02 Sep 2015

The Syrian artist Mustafa Jacoub issued golden dinar in response to the golden dinar issued by ISS in similar design, draws attention to the suffering of Syrian children in “Der Alzor” under the control of ISS.

He wrote with his designed, published on his profile in the social networking site “Facebook”: “Do you want the reform of the world economy, while you kill Der Alzor children starving, and steal their oil”, and he added “In the end you repeat as a parrot: we trust in Al-Baghdadi”.

In the design issued by the artist in 31 August, showed a child signs of hunger, with two phrases in English: “Stop starving children, lift up the siege of Deir al-Zour”.

Jacoub began to design and draw some revolutionary paintings since the beginning of the revolution, to find himself in the heart of the revolution through his art, involved in a lot of art galleries, most of which came in the form of request on his page “art from the heart of chaos” from people who do not know them personally.