“Nasr al-Sham” Electronic Clinic For Syrians In Istanbul

“Nasr al-Sham” Electronic Clinic For Syrians In Istanbulimage

17 Apr 2015

Struggling among the hospitals in the city of Istanbul searching for someone who could understand them and understand their medical cases, Syrians looking for treatment. That is because they do not speak Turkish, and the local laws do not accept Syrians without having the ID card “tariff card”. In an effort to help, a group of Syrian doctors established “nasr al-Sham clinic E”. Which is a group in the social networking site Facebook, in which patients raises medical consultation, to be distributed later by a specialist doctor, and then the Dr. Abdullah Khiyami, General Surgeon, one of the founders of the “clinic” explains the motives behind the creation of the group “We came out of Syria and did not have the right to work here, so I took the initiation to publish ads to help treating Syrian patients after discovering the difficulty of treatment in Turkey and the difficulty of communicating with Turkish doctors”. Because of names of drugs are different from those in Syria, Khiyami began searching for alternatives to the relevant Turkish with the same active substance. After receiving many questions about vaccines and drugs, he had to seek help from doctors of different terms of reference. The number of subscribers in the group reached about 10 thousand subscribers. Doctors nearly receive 35 consultations each day. The clinic is supervised by doctors with different specialties, such as Gynecology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology and Interior, etc., and is committed to being a free service to help.