Near East Council of Churches Committee for Refugee to help 1500 families in Aqaba

Near East Council of Churches Committee for Refugee to help 1500 families in Aqabaimage

28 May 2015

Near East Council of Churches Committee for Refugee Work, in cooperation with their local partners, the volunteer teams and the Greek Orthodox Church in Aqaba, have identified 1500 Syrian refugee family and Jordanian families in need for help.

According to President of the Association, Dr. Farah Atallah, said Assembly had conducted searches and investigation of the conditions of the Syrians and the needy refugees in local communities through field trips and research and interviews and workshops to identify needs as part of a project of Syrian refugees subsidy for 2015 and funded by (Act) organization.

Dr. Atallah, added that the Assembly was able to meet the needs of Syrian refugees and the needy from the local community in Aqaba Governorate, which is part of the region for the project.

In a quick response from the Assembly to meet as much as possible of needs, in cooperation with its partners, an action plan aimed was set to improving the living conditions of the refugees and the needy. The plan is starting by providing the necessary training on the Conduction, the Distribution Event Management of subsidies and Registry operations and follow-up as well as direct management of distribution (250) expelled equipped with the latest standards and specifications.

The work program also includes ten training programs in the areas of gender-based violence and improving the education of girls and the training of volunteers.

The implementation of these training activities would be through a group of trainers who have been trained on the training activities destined to the refugees who are expected to be (440) who will benefit from this training including women and young people.