Necessity is the mother of invention

Necessity is the mother of inventionimage

16 Apr 2015

The project of “Human in Syria” shows a model for the challenge of the Syrian Human harsh conditions of war and bitter siege, resorting to solutions that may seem simple, but more than in exceptional in a disasterous circumstances exceeded the perceived limits. In Gota, besieged for nearly two years, the man standing “Abu Yassin” in front of the reception space, “modified it” with perseverance and determination to “solar heater”, saving him the hassle of searching for fuel to heat water or food, in a place where fuel is scarce. Brags, “Abu Yassin,” who stands opposed to the “invention” as the piece neglected to something useful and practical, enabling him to heat up to two liters of water in less than 10 minutes on a cloudy day, saying: “I cut and installed these mirror pieces on this dish, trying to sunlight concentrated and then use it to heat up my food and tea maker.. I can boil the water in less than 10 minutes now, and we are in the last days of winter, and I expect it to be much shorter duration when summer comes! “.