New measures against Syrian refugees in Lebanon

New measures against Syrian refugees in Lebanonimage

23 Apr 2015

Journalists said that «Lebanese General Security is currently Syrians arrested violators of residency requirements in Lebanon through barriers and checking identity papers». They said to ARA NEWS that «The Lebanese security set a check point in Almrj in Albqaa alawst area, to make sure from paper validity of Syrian who live in Lebanon, and areest any person his residence was ended». Adding «Until this moment is unknown fate of detained by the Lebanese authorities that if they will remain in Lebanon in custody or they would be deported to Syria». Syrian refugees in Lebanon said «The Lebanese state security that recently summoned for questioning Syrians», Mamdoh a syrian refugee in Lebanon said to ARA NEWS, the questions gave to them by Lebanese security: «do you have relationships with particular parties or wanted in Syria, or have friends in the opposition, or know how to use weapons». Commenting on that the Syrian human rights activist Faris Al Abdullah said to ARA NEWS «There is a notable tension, it seems that the Lebanese security forces began to take harsh measures against the Syrians, which is cause more concern and fear further developments of this situation like we were in Syria». As explained Abu Salim, a Syrian lawyer resident in Lebanon to ARA News «the situation still normal, Lebanese authorities doing normal security measures, it gives a chance to correct their situations, while they bring some people for questioning not accusing them, those who turns out that they are not guilty, they would be set free». However, the Lebanese authorities have imposed new decisions earlier this year on the presence of the Syrians in the country, in which, prevented the reception of new refugees, and called on refugees in Lebanon to sign a pledge not to work. Thus became stuck between the impossibility of living and difficult decisions.