New online matchmaking platform to help charities find funding

New online matchmaking platform to help charities find fundingimage

29 Dec 2014

A new online platform, Campaigneurs, has been launched which aims to help charities worldwide develop partnerships with responsible business partners. It works by matchmaking businesses to charities which suit their online profile description and helps reduce unnecessary time and costs spent by charities looking for corporate funding. PhD, Professor in Communication at University of Gothenburg, Nataliya Berbyuk Lindstrom, said: “In this day and age, communication is seen as an integral part of a business and with help from new communication tools, a business or indeed a charity, should be able to communicate quicker and more efficiently than by utilising traditional methods such as ‘cold calling’ or face to face.” Campaigneurs CEO Janet Alexandersson said: “This year I saw a news report about a hospital in Syria being forced to close due to lack of financial funding. That is why I created Campaigneurs, to place charities in direct contact with businesses willing to fill that financial gap”. “Businesses get to support their communities and fulfill their corporate social responsibility and charities gain a financial shortcut, a win-win situation for all.