Norway agrees to host 8 thousand of Syrian refugees

Norway agrees to host 8 thousand of Syrian refugeesimage

11 Jun 2015

Norway has agreed to host 8 thousand Syrian refugees by the end of 2017, and under an agreement reached between the main political parties in the country.

Under the agreement, Norway plans to accommodate two thousand refugees this year, the number is 500 refugees higher from what it was planned, and 3 thousand refugees in each of the years 2016 and 2017.

The new number of refugees is a response for the numbers which was set by the United Nations refugee agency, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation report.

The new number is a compromise between what is demanded by the government of right-wing minority that opposed any increase in the number of refugees and centre-left parties, which demanded Absorb 10 thousand refugees in the next two years.

The agreement states for the payment of financial assistance to various regions of the country to help it absorb Syrian refugees.

Also the UNHCR has called the international community Absorb More Syrian refugees.