Nothing is impossible!

Nothing is impossible!image

10 Mar 2017

No matter how long the night, the day is sure to come and the dawn is sure to break illuminating the way in front of us towards a better life, no matter what the challenges are.

Here, inside Al Ghouta, which has inspired hundreds if not thousands, we have witnessed some incredible real life stories that seem like novels due to the dramatic events and the incredible people who went through its detailed circumstances. One of them is a story of a young man with a dream to continue his education despite incredible challenges.

He says…

I was born in 1987. I am married with three children.

I work hard to provide for my family which is not an easy thing these days, especially in Al Ghouta where job opportunities are very few if not a scarcity for hand-crafted people like myself.

I saw students flocking to continue their studies and obtain secondary education in order enhance their future career prospects.

Studying is difficult, especially with the current situation, but I never stopped thinking about it. As I saw the number of students is increasing I was encouraged to join them in the endeavour to obtain the Baccalaureate certificate.

At the beginning I found it difficult due to my age and preoccupation with work and family commitments. However, one of my relatives, who used to be a manager of one of the educational offices in Eastern Ghouta motivated me and encouraged me to continue what I have started. I will never forget that, one day, he was my biggest supporter to fulfil this dream. He guided me to enrol in Anamel Al Ghouta Institute which accepts students who have dropped out of school, as he is one of the teachers there.

I enrolled at the Baccalaureate class and chose the afternoon shift in order to create a balance between work and study as I was working in the morning.

As I began my studies, I noticed that my knowledge is better than I expected despite years of dropping out. However, the difficult part was the ability to compromise between attendance and pressing issues forced me sometimes not to come to the Institute, in addition to the shells and rockets which fell over our heads from time to time.

The days passed until we reached the month of Ramadan, just one month before the beginning of the Baccalaureate Exams. The shelling of our town has become sever and I had my share of the damage. I got hit in my foot and taken to one of the medical points where I stayed for a few days. Doctors treated me and told me that my foot is getting better and that I will fully recover with time. However, after a week I was shocked when I woke up and found my foot amputated after I was anesthetised.

A man without a foot!! Responsible for a home, children and a work that I can no longer do after today…this is the reality I woke up to. I felt my life had stopped and would never continue…

My friends used to come to visit me every day during this period of time. I told them that after all what happened to me I will not be able to take the Baccalaureate exam. I had lost my persistence, determination to achieve my dream, I had lost hope in everything! However, with the grace of Allah and then the support and help of my friends, I managed to overcome this challenge and pass this extremely difficult time. My teachers and friends have been the best of brothers to me, they never stopped helping me to take the exams. Some of them dedicated themselves to transport me from and to the exam centre while others helped me study what I have missed during the time of my injury.

After all this hard work I felt my efforts will not go in vain. I passed my exams and attained the Baccalaureate with good grades despite the crises, obstacles and challenges that I went through.

After the results were announced, I enrolled at Massar Academy in Eastern Al Ghouta with a goal in front of my eyes that I will not back off until I achieve! It has become certain for me now that nothing is impossible.