Orlando Bloom highlights the #SyriaCrisis by visiting a refugee camp in Macedonia

Orlando Bloom highlights the #SyriaCrisis by visiting a refugee camp in Macedoniaimage

02 Oct 2015

Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom has met with migrants at a transit camp in Macedonia as they make their way into Europe.

The Lord of the Rings star, who is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, chatted with the travellers and even snapped selfies on his mobile phone with them.

The father-of-one entered one of the tents in the town of Gevgelija, where asylum seekers must go to register.

There he played with some of the children in the camp and helping them with their colouring in.

He also spoke to an older boy, who spoke of how he had fled the Syrian capital of Damascus to make the journey to Europe.

Later, the actor was pictured with laughing with some younger boys before giving one of them a big high five and enjoying a dance performance from another.

Meanwhile some of the older teenagers told Mr Bloom how they intended to leave the camp soon to reach their ultimate destination of Germany.

The 38-year-old also waited with migrants for a train to come into the nearby station and take them north to the Serbian border.

Dressed in jeans, a UNICEF T-shirt and a hooded jacket, the actor briefly went aboard the train before it departed.

Macedonia has become a key transit route in the Balkans with thousands of asylum seekers from Syria, Afghanisatan and Somalia entering the country every day.

They stop at the registration camp before making their way on to other EU countries such as Germany.

The Balkans migration route has become more popular after Hungary sealed its borders, forcing migrants to take another way to western Europe.

The actor’s trip also comes after Greek police estimated that 5,5000 migrants are crossing the border everyday into Macedonia on their journey north.

Vassiis Tsartsanis from a local charity helping migrants said: ‘Nearly 60 per cent of them are Syrians..

The EU has agreed to boost aid for Syria’s neighbours, including one billion dollars through UN agencies, in a bid to mitigate the refugee influx into Europe.

EU interiors ministers also pushed through a deal this week to relocate 120,000 refugees despite fierce opposition from central and eastern European states.