Overcrowding in Zaatari schools.. Problem needs solutions

Overcrowding in Zaatari schools.. Problem needs solutionsimage

04 Aug 2015

Partners work in Zaatari, Syrian refugees camp, to find appropriate plans to get rid the problem of student overcrowding inside the classroom in Zaatari schools, which numbering about four major schools.

The student overcrowding in the classroom, especially in the basic stage, is a problem concern the work of those in charge of the educational process in the camp for years, especially the past school year, where the number of students ranging in each classroom, according to media and communication director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Samir Badran, between (60-100) students.

Among the solutions adopted by the partners to be placed in the camp to get rid of the problem of students overcrowding, according to Badran, the establishment of three new schools with the beginning of the next academic year which bringing the number to seven schools, in addition to the re-distribution of students between schools located in the twelve sectors in the camp.

Badran explained that the capacity of the educational communities inside the camp is 15 thousand students, at a time where 20 thousand students attended schools, he stressing that the classrooms are packed with students and the organization communicates with donors in order to build new schools, pointing out that there are absent cases by some students because of the feeling of their families that schools is too far from their areas of residence, in addition to the involvement some students in labour market as goods carriers by vehicles, considering that the establishment of new schools will solve the problem.

Badran said, the partners care in the camp to raise the level of provided education to students of Syrian refugees through measures that would seek to take over soon, which would provide an appropriate learning environment for all students is better than ever.

The head of the union branch of teachers in Al Mafraq, Qasim Arqan, the international community and donors to carry out its duties in the construction of new schools in the camp because of overcrowding in classrooms inside the camp schools causes weakness of the educational environment, pointing out that the Ministry of Education has provided all its possibilities in service the Syrian students.