People of Darya challenging the barrels and snipers.. And build a library of 11 thousand books

People of Darya challenging the barrels and snipers.. And build a library of 11 thousand booksimage

03 Sep

People of Darya faced during the past months and years snipers fire, explosive barrels, napalm, and indiscriminate killings at the hands of the Syrian regime forces. But a group of men within all this destruction successful in creating a safe place for them and opening a library.

After the displacement most of the people of the besieged Darya, the city’s students save the books from their own abandoned or destroyed libraries and collected in a single library, where the number of books reached to 11 thousand books.

One of the volunteers to build that library (Abu Alezz 23 years) to the page “The Human in Syria” on Facebook that “One day, we came to the idea to collect all the scattered and deployed books within the city under the rubble of destroyed houses, in one place.” He continued: “It was a difficult and dangerous mission, we spent long days in index the books, so we returned it to the owners if the war is over”.

The British newspaper The Mirror, said that the volunteers “take turns to work shifts at the library, and they established a system to keep track of the books, and wrote the name of owner of the book inside each book, hoping to return books to their owners.”

The activist Abu Malik al-Shami, said to the British newspaper, “We have created a calm and shining atmosphere inside the library, where everyone is silent, in addition to tables allow the reader to sit.” He adding “What distinguishes the most beautiful place like this, is that when you are inside, you are away from the war and the battles.”


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