Prefabricated houses for the displaced in Tartous

Prefabricated houses for the displaced in Tartousimage

09 Jun 2015

Tartous port received on Sunday 238 container of prefabricated house, sent as aid from China for the displaced Syrians in the province.

According to the Governor of Tartous Safwan Abu Sa’da the «containers includes 15 units of sewage services, and will be fixing it next to the prefabricated house in the place was chosen in partnership with the relevant authorities, for residence the people who arrive from another Syrian provinces» but the exact location has not been announced yet.

Syrian citizens commented on the receipt of containers of prefabricated house «in fear of being stolen as in other food aid relief which was sent to displace people but eventually was stolen».

Abu Abdullah, a former employee from Aleppo and resident in Tartous, said to ARA News «no surprise that we find these units in the territory of some influential people to benefit from it as new homes to them».

Ali Mukhtar, Activist relief, also said to ARA News «if more than half of aid steal how about these housing units that cost huge amounts of money? » he explained «To be honest, there are special considerations for the distribution, in which displace people from Sahl Al-ghab and others inevitably will be given first attention and then the rest of the displaced, and in all cases the first beneficiary are the ones who steal».