“Qatari Crescent” implemented mud houses projects for the displaced Syrians

“Qatari Crescent” implemented mud houses projects for the displaced Syriansimage

03 Aug 2015

Qatar Red Crescent began the implementation of a humanitarian project for displaced Syrians, it includes 2200 house of mud to provide for its residents stability, security and privacy which hundreds or even tens of thousands of Syrians denied it since the ignition fuse the war in Syria.

The project comes under the slogan (Decent Life), which is a humanitarian ambitious project adopted by the Qatari Red Crescent, and which seeks to provide adequate shelter to Syrian families displaced within Syria, taking advantage of his title as an international humanitarian organization, and its own emblem, vehicles and cadres have special protection under international laws and norms, which gives it access to conflict areas and rescue the affected people”.

Reports confirmed that the Qatari Red Crescent focuses a great deal of its relief at the accommodation sector aware of the importance of this area as an integral part of the relief to the displaced and refugees Syrians requirements, where the number of Syrians beneficiaries of the shelter services provided by the Qatari Red Crescent in Jordan, 15,250 refugees , in Lebanon 133,000 refugees, and in Turkey, 65,000 refugees, in Iraq Kurdistan 34,000 refugees, and inside Syria 108,000 beneficiaries.

The project consists of the total 2,200 built house with clay molds derived from the natural environment within Syria, targeting the first phase we are about to embark on its implementation is currently building 100 houses a first instalment to house 100 displaced families with an average of 600 people in Avis village of the city of Srakb in Idlib province, the house’s area about 36 square meters divided into two rooms, kitchen and bathroom, with a cost of 6.100 QR per house, unlike other business costs such as land clearance and the establishment of infrastructure”.

The project passed through several stages of study and evaluation by the great efforts over the full year have been made until it reached its final form, to ensure that each family a separate house with a special kitchen and bathroom by a manner that preserves privacy and ensures stability, as it is a safe house protects the family from the summer heat and the cooler winter, instead of vulnerable tents shelter that are affected by weather factors, as happened during the snowstorms that hit the area last winter.

Relief began in Syria using tents, but the tents cannot afford geographical and climatic nature inside Syria, then caravans initiatives have appeared (Port cabin), but the families could not adapt with it and did not find the comfort and privacy that preserve its stability and dignity. “

In the face of these facts the Qatari Red Crescent has studied the subject through consultants, engineering offices and international organizations specialized in this field, and came to altemative solution of the economic viability and the length of the duration of the crisis and fits the nature, so they could return to the historical heritage by using clay molds in the building.