Qatari project to create a city for Syrian orphans in Turkey

Qatari project to create a city for Syrian orphans in Turkeyimage

12 May 2015

Commission humanitarian relief IHH announced that in collaboration with the “ruff” Qatar Charity Foundation for the project “City of Syrian orphans”, it will be created in the Turkish city “Rihaniyya” for the benefit of one thousand five hundred orphans of Syrians who have seek refuge in Turkey.

Where the city will include residential complexes for boys and other for girls, and will include a mosque, two schools, a farm, a variety of playgrounds and places of entertainment, it will also include accommodation for guests and visitors.

Ayed Al-Qahtani, Director General of the “ruff”, explained during the previous month, that the city’s estimated area of sixty thousand square meters, it containing forty-one houses, the project will cost thirty-six million Qatari riyals had been collected nearly twenty-six million.

It will be housed, education and provide all social and health services for orphans during the their stay in the house in the first grades, and during the academic period the institution will continue its support until orphans can even make their way in life and become useful to themselves and their community and their nation.

This project comes at the beginning of the campaign, “we will ask about them,” that launched “ruff” Foundation for Relief affected Syrians inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, which includes several meaningful and varied between relief, construction and development projects, in view of the extension of the Syrian tragedy and escalation.