Rabies threatens children and livestock in Deir al-Zour Syria

Rabies threatens children and livestock in Deir al-Zour Syriaimage

06 Aug 2015

People in countryside of Deir al-Zour city, live a state of fear and panic, after the spread of the deadly rabies disease, which attacked mainly cattle and children.

Medical sources reported that many cases were arrived, mostly children, to scattered rural medical centers; infected by rabies; where the patient was injected with anti-serum.

In regards to this disease, the source said, it is a viral disease that causes significant inflammation of the brain, which affects warm-blooded animals, from source animal, and often spreads as a result of a dog bite and infect humans or livestock, noting that the disease can not be cured; often all infected would die after a week or more, depending on the bite site and the speed of transmission of the virus through the nervous system to the brain.

The source said that a state of fear is all over the countryside Deir al-Zour, especially after the Islamic State took all the fire gums from people which was of great value in fighting the diseased animals before they bite people and spread the infection.