“Raf” continue to provide aid for Syrians fleeing to Europe

“Raf” continue to provide aid for Syrians fleeing to Europeimage

16 Sep 2015

“Ruff” Foundation continues to provide more urgent relief aid to the Syrian refugees stranded on the European border especially between Macedonia and Greece and other destination countries by refugees in their attempts to flee on their own and their families from killings and persecution which they face in their country.

“Raf” Foundation aims in this project help more than 45 thousand refugees in Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary, and it has been adopted over the past week, an additional amount on what was adopted, so the total cost of this project increased to $ 150 thousand (547 500 QR), as the organization expanded in the number of partners from charitable and humanitarian organizations that cooperate with them in the implementation of relief projects for refugees.

The relief teams of cooperating institutions with Raf received the refugees in centres which set up for this purpose, and provide to them what they need from dry meals, drinking water, dates, milk, medicines and painkillers and other essential needs.

The Foundation began from this week, providing clothes, blankets, shoes and winter hats for stranded at the border either children or women or the elders as a protection for them from the cold they are exposed to, especially at nights where they don’t have any place to stay in only areas such as parks or roads, and others.

The “Raf” foundation for Humanitarian Services has started on the third of September to provide urgent relief aid to thousands of Syrian refugees crossing Macedonia who come by the hundreds daily, the United Nations estimated them in 25,000 refugees in the recent period.

The foundation said in a press statement that this project, which is the first of its kind will implemented in cooperation with the “N” Foundation partner in Macedonia, where allocated 365 thousand riyals as a down payment to provide urgent relief assistance to the refugees.