“Raf” distributed school bags to students in the primary stage in “Zaatari” camp

“Raf” distributed school bags to students in the primary stage in “Zaatari” campimage

10 Jul 2015

Continue to its efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people, Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services “Raf” distributed hundreds of school bags to students in the primary stage in Zaatari, the Syrian refugees camp in Jordan, as part of a project seek to distribute 10 thousand bag, at a cost of 135 thousand real.

“Raf” distributed the bag containing the stationery where the bag is include 20 written books, 5 drawing book, pencils, erasers, pens and crayons which are raw materials for students, which aims to achieve adequacy to some extent and to bring happiness to their hearts and encourage them to attend their studies and continue their education despite the conditions in which they live inside the camp.

The project is complementary to projects that “Raf” support Zaatari camp and the refugees in Jordan, which is specialised in psychological and educational support for students, so providing school bags for Syrian children have a major impact in their psychologically support and encourage them to continue their education in asylum and emotional instability which suffered by their family and the lack of income, these supporting project have the impact of returns in the dissemination of science and contribute to reducing the physical burden on the shoulders of Syrian refugees.

Statics monitor that the number of Syrian refugees in Jordan more than 1,390,000 including about 650 thousand only registered as refugees with the United Nations, while the rest come before the start of the crisis by virtue of family and trade relationship, only 97 thousand of refugees lives within their designated camps and the rest in random camps.

The Foundation “Raf” one of the first humanitarian organizations that initiated the conduct of several convoys under the title “convoys of love and brotherhood” and the financing of several projects to alleviate this suffering, including a project to provide caravans in Zaatari camp to house Syrian refugees instead of tents, the Foundation was able by support from the Qatari benefactors individuals, institutions and companies providing thousands of caravans.

“Raf” foundation welcomes everyone who wanted to contribute by donation and sponsorship among Qatari people, where each bag will cost 135 Riyals, or by contributing to all other relief, humanitarian and developmental programs and projects run by the organization in different 90 countries. That’s via the website or sending text messages or visiting the organization office, you can also call the hotline: 55341818.