The Walking Distance to the School

The Walking Distance to the Schoolimage

15 Apr 2015

Many attacks on schools resulted destroying or partially destroying many schools inside Syria. The schools were being attacked and hit by either rockets or shelling or air strikes when the classes were going on inside them. The schools were bombed by helicopters drop bombs and weapons on school buildings. Therefore, many students and schools are under ongoing attack in Syria causing serious damage and injuring students. Many schoolchildren were frequently affected when schools were targeted for attack or were damaged as a result of bomb attacks. Many students, teachers and educational personnel were lost their lives as a result of mortar attacks and some of the forces use children as human shields.

Anamel Rastan Secondary School is located in a secure and safe area, which has enabled some students to enrol and access numerous education opportunities despite the fact that the school location is far from the city centre. The school year has started, and the students begun to join the classes.The location of the Rastan Anamel Secondary School has caused the female students some delays and not being able to commute to school times. Other students could not attend the school classes. The school has offered many useful solutions to the female students by providing them with school buses that can offer transportation to and from the school.

Rastan Anamel School has provided the students with transport so they will able to travel to school safely and be able to attend the school classes on time. Rama is one of the excellent students that studying in the second class of science at Rastan Anamel school. Rama suffers kidney failure. Rama said ‘Me and my family have to move from our house to a new house, and that is because our house was destroyed by air strikes and we could not live there anymore. We had to move to a new house, which is located four kilometres from Anamel School. The walking distance to the school from my house was deteriorating my health condition and sometimes causing me no being able to attend the classes due to the far distance’. 

The school management has realised that, and the transport support to the students has reflected positively on the student’s commitment to attend the school and has raised their level of education. Rama continued ‘now I have the opportunity to attend the school on time to pursue my education for a better future’. ‘I would like to thank the school for offering this opportunity to the students and we all hope to build a brighter future’ Rama said.