Ramadan campaigns

Ramadan campaignsimage

23 Jun 2015



Volunteering “MOLHAM” team in Turkey in cooperation with “WATAN” Organization Distributed on Saturday-20- June, a number of food baskets and meals to the displaced Syrians from Tel Alabyad, and the stranded people on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Young Syrians in Istanbul who work within “l’nrtake” team of the Federation of civil society organizations, in the first days of Ramadan they distributed water and dates bags to the passers-by in Zadeh hotel area, Alfateh, Hski, and Jarah Pasha.

According to the founder of the team, the activity will include most of the neighbourhoods in Istanbul during the month of Ramadan.




Relief team in «Basma w Zaytona» Center on Tuesday, June 16 had give emergency aid to the refugee camp Almnya, in collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Norwegian Refugee Council.

And according to the official page of the team, the aid included, food bags and clothes and diapers for children.




«Soeriat Abr Alhdod» group organised a several activities with the beginning of Ramadan, which included the distribution of food baskets to Syrian refugees in Ajloun area in the village of Anjar, And in the Zaatari refugee camp within «Tuado Trahmo» campaign.

In addition to that they organized on Friday- 19- June, a charity Iftar for wounded Syrians in the Group Centre.

Within the «Mlhmeon in Ramadan» campaign, “ MOLHAM” team made voluntary Ramadan tent, in the Zaatari refugee camp, in order to organize activates for children during the month of Ramadan,Al Khaimah received on the first day about 70 children for Iftar.

“ALHEMA” group, with the beginning of Ramadan, had Distribute Iftar meals on the Syrian families in Amman, Zarqa and some remote areas.

And in the first two days of Ramadan, they distributed dates, water and cakes to passers-by in the streets in a «Thank you» campaign, which was launched by the team in Ramadan with the letter «from the Syrian people to the Jordanian people: Ramadan Kareem».




Manchester office system for the Syrian community, on Saturday-20- June, organised Iftar for single young Syrians, and newcomers to Britain, which was attended by 45 people.
The office said that the breakfast will be held every Saturday during the month of Ramadan, and the Syrians will be invited to it for free.

«Oxford Syria» Group established a lecture at Oxford University on Tuesday-16- June, entitled «Syria now, Reflections on the future of the country». The lecture The lecture discussions were by Professor Alex Bates (Professor of immigration studies at Oxford University),  Dr. Talal Almihenne political man and a research associate at the University of Cambridge, and Mustafa Barashw.


Saudi Arabia


«Saudi Arabia national campaign to support the Syrians» began the implementation of the Ramadan campaign for the third year, with the beginning of Ramadan titled «Yours like his».

Which had been collected by donations from Saudi citizens. The campaign covered different parts of Syria and Lebanon, as well as areas adjacent to the Turkish border with Syria. The campaign seeks during the month of Ramadan to distribute 36 thousand food baskets and 300 thousand Ramadan Iftar on refugee families in syria and abroad.