Real Madrid pledge €1 million to aid refugees fleeing Syria

Real Madrid pledge €1 million to aid refugees fleeing Syriaimage

06 Sep 2015

Real Madrid have announced they are to make a €1 million donation to aid the refugees fleeing war-torn Syria.

Hundreds of thousands of people have risked their lives to migrate to other countries in Europe – at least 2,500 have died in the process – with pressure now being ramped up on governments to provide greater relief to those in need.

Bayern Munich announced on Thursday they have donated €1m to help people pouring into Germany, and Madrid have now pledged the same amount to aid refugees in Spain.

A club statement read: “Real Madrid has announced that it will donate €1million to aid refugees that are taken in by Spain.

“Faithful to its commitment to charity, the club has taken this decision with the aim of supporting men, women and children who have been forced to leave their homes in order to flee from war and death.

“The president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, spoke yesterday by phone with the president of the [Spanish] government, Mariano Rajoy. The pair talked about this contribution and other measures that the club will put in place in order to collaborate with the care of refugees that arrive in Spain.

“Among these measures, the club is considering various initiatives and schemes with a special focus placed on the youngest refugees. It will also make some of the club’s infrastructure and sports goods available to the Executive’s interministerial commission that organises the system for receiving refugees.”