Three new schools in the Zaatari refugee camp

Three new schools in the Zaatari refugee campimage

10 Aug 2015

The United Nations Children’s Fund “UNICEF” plans to open three new schools next semester; one at their own expense, while the other two schools by a donation of Kuwaiti government to solve the problem of overcrowded classes in schools in Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees.

The information and communication director at UNICEF, “Samir Badran,” as quoted by the Jordanian “Al-ghad” newspaper, said that about 21 thousand Syrian student Distributed now on three educational complexes inside the camp, with a capacity of 15 thousand students, pointing to the existence of extra 6 thousand student, causing over pressure to the centers abilities, noting that the organization has worked to build a school at their own expense and two schools with a grant from the Kuwaiti government which will work to ease congestion in the camp’s schools.

The education director of the Northern Badia Bank Dr. “Sayel Al kherisha” said that the main problem facing the educational work within the Zaatari refugee camp is overcrowding in classrooms under the shortage of schools and increasing numbers of students, as currently about 21 thousand students study in the camp and spread over three educational complexes divided into seven schools for females and seven for males, indicating the urgent need for the opening of new schools.

He pointed also to the point that 493 teachers supervise the educational process inside the camp and at the expense of further education, pointing to the low success rates in the camp’s schools, as only nine students have succeeded in secondary exam out of 179.

“Al kherisha” also said, the directorate will form committees to develop plans to address the causes that led to the weakness of educational attainment among students in order to raise the level of education and the study of the social situation of students, and to demand the opening of new schools to receive students and equipped with scientific laboratory instruments, saying, “The camp’s schools lack some technical equipment for students. “