Refugees in Germany

Refugees in Germanyimage

05 May 2015

A lucky Syrian refugee reached Germany, and had settled in the Capital, Berlin, where authorities gave him a place in one of the refugee centres which was set up quickly and became a home for refugees, in the light of neighbours’ fears of these strangers.

The refugee centre consists of three buildings in the capital Berlin, the building consists of containers placed above each other, as a temporary solution by the Berlin authorities to house 480 refugees.

The camp is surrounding with a double fence, not in order to prevent the occupants to get out, but to protect them from angry neighbours. Because the area where the centre was build is settled by people who don’t like foreigners according to that the neighbours met the first batch of refugees ‘which included about 75 people’ with insults and they threw bottles at them, Now the camp entry is protected by four police officers and a number of people who guard the camp.

“So this is my new home!” the Syrian refugee said while he was lighting up a cigarette.

Before he reached Germany he had left Banias, Syria to Egypt then he traveled to turkey after that he reached the island of Sicily in Italy by a boat, then he arrived into Germany by a car with his friends help.

“I had come to Germany through smuggling. Of course that was a risky trip full of fear, and the road was longer but safer than riding one of the boats of death from Syria.”

And Because of his fear from how things could come to during this long journey, the man refused to take his wife and their three months child with him.