Roma football team called for initiative to support Syrian refugees

Roma football team called for initiative to support Syrian refugeesimage

08 Sep 2015

The Italian team, Roma, announced in an official statement, support Syrian refugees financially in an initiative under the title of “Football Cares”.

Roma football team said in his statement: “In order to unify the entire foot football community under one banner, we hope that we can by joining hands with each other to achieve more than what we can achieve individually,” announcing about the start of receiving donations in the initiative next Tuesday.

The statement said it aiming through this initiative to meet all parties of the football in the world to raise the necessary funds for the refugees.

A statement from Roma said that the initiative came in order to unify efforts to help refugees, instead of that aid come individually.

Roma also announced the launch of a website to collect donations from clubs wishing to help and also the fans.

And several European clubs were from: Germany, Spain and Scotland have announced its finance support for refugees, such as Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Also Al-Ahli club his intention to coordinate with Bayern Munich in order to establish a friendly match in Germany allocates its profit for refugees.