RootsForRefugees Campaign Kicks Off on

RootsForRefugees Campaign Kicks Off on Indiegogo.comimage

10 Jun 2015

The Armenian Redwood Project (ARP), a non-profit social enterprise alliance that works on improve the lives of the thousands of Syrian refugees impacted by the ravaging war in Syria, has announced the launch of the #RootsForRefugees funding campaign on

“The war in Syria is now approaching its 5th year,” said Raffy Ardhaldjian, chief action officer of ARP. “According to various agencies, this war is considered the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, leaving millions of innocent citizens homeless and vulnerable. With more than 15,000 Syrians, primarily of Armenian descent, finding refuge in Armenia, the time is now to act – it’s a global imperative.”

The #RootsForRefugees campaign aims to raise the remaining $30,000 in funding to complete a $250,000 rent subsidy program initiated by Oxfam Armenia in early February 2015, in partnership with ARP and the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund. The partnership raised $220,000 with funds provided by institutional social investors and has already benefited dozens of families. The campaign goal of $30,000 is vital to complete the collective commitment made with their partners and help augment the absorptive capacity in Armenia to benefit the influx of refugees and other vulnerable families arriving in Armenia on a weekly basis.

Collectively this program will provide affordable rent subsidized housing to more than 800 Syrian urban refugees in Armenia in 2015! Your donation goes directly into funding subsidized homes for these refugee families, through a grant to Oxfam Armenia, at an average cost of $200 per month, per family — that’s $6 a day! Every dollar counts.

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