Safe No More for Anamel School Students

Safe No More for Anamel School Studentsimage

28 May 2015

The article is focused on explaining the threats that are impose on the students in Anamel School. The Syrian brutal and armed conflict has caused many sufferings for the students inside Syria. Many have been exposed to be killed and wounded in their hometowns that used as warzones. The Syrian students have endured severe inhumane conditions due to the ongoing conflict. The conflict has caused varied human rights violations against the civilian population but also impacted on targeting students and schools.The ongoing conflict has threatened the lives of each student, teacher, and school official and endangered the learning environment inside Syria. The conflict in Syria has used the unlawful indiscriminate weapons such as barrel bombs that are improvised explosives dropped manually from planes. 

Many schools are being fired at by helicopters dropping bomb including what appeared to be improvised “barrel bombs” on school buildings causing massive damage.These barrel bombs are packed with explosives and metal pieces and are when it hits, it causes devastation from buildings to civilians.These attacks are unlawful and Anamel School is condemning the inhumane bomb act, and call on the international community persecute the responsible for these crimes. Many students from Anamel school have asked not to use their real names because of fears for their safety and the safety of their family members. Anamel school students have witnessed the air strikes on the school buildings. The students are experiencing many violations of the international human rights and the humanitarian law throughout the Syrian conflict. 

The students have shared their stories by saying that the methods that are used to bomb some areas were to drop the explosive barrel bombs and other munitions from these airplanes. These airplanes had no ability to direct the barrel bombs towards their specific targets.The international community must effectively investigate and prosecute those individuals who are bearing the greatest responsibility for the unlawful attacks on schools. The Syrian students are suffering unthinkable atrocities. Therefore, there is a need to allow the delivery of humanitarian aid and other educational materials to all those students that are in need and as well as the schools should offer students remedially and emergency education. Anamel students school have shown their concerns on the current humanitarian crisis that they are facing with shortages in food, shelter, fuel, medical care, and education in Syria.

Many Anamel students are seriously afraid and have stopped attending classes after the barrel attack that shelled their school. Therefore, Anamel school is working continuously for the last years to secure children’s right to education in the emergency situations, by supporting the students and covering the core competencies in Secondary level education and remedial learning materials, such as nursing, first aid, and other skills. Many schools including Anamel school have to move into different locations to avoid being struck in targeted or indiscriminate attacks.The conflict has forced many children out of school and education is the key to rebuilding Syria after the conflict.