Salam Ya Sham .. shining hope in refugee camps

Salam Ya Sham .. shining hope in refugee campsimage

22 Jul 2015

“Salam Ya Sham” name launched by the young Syrian refugees in Lebanon on the theatre group which taken from the refugee camps an area to launch a variety of artistic activities.

This initiative which began two years ago involving children from a number of camps in the work, musical, and seeks to provide a typical picture for Syrian refugees.

Wesam Al-Ghaty, the founder of the troupe, said that the goal of the idea of “Salam Ya Sham” deliver a message that “this Syrian human refugee in the camp, his lack the most basic art possibilities still provides technical message .. There are two field we are working on them: the first entertainment for children, and the other Awareness”

The band’s activities vary between theatre, folklore, Puppet Theater and choir, as well as a short documentary films from the reality of the camps.

From the stage and singing “Salam Ya Sham” band moved in its potential modest to the dramatic representation, where the series was “the tent door,” its first experience.

Serial heroes were children from the camps and the site of filmed was among the tents and the series display in social networking sites.

The episodes of the series discuss in short comic style and popular character, the asylum problems, the crisis of absence from home, and nostalgia to it.

The initiative constitutes in itself a space to entertain and educate children to grow up among refugee tents.