Salma Hayek Visits Lebanon with UNICEF to Raise Funds for Syrian Refugees

Salma Hayek Visits Lebanon with UNICEF to Raise Funds for Syrian Refugeesimage

27 Apr 2015

Salma Hayek the Hollywood star, who has helped launch CHIME for the Children of Syria a fundraising appeal to support children and families affected by the Syria crisis, had visited Syrian refugees camps in Lebanon on April 25 to draw attention to the urgent humanitarian needs of children and families whose lives have been upended by the brutal conflict in Syria over the last four years. Across the region, UNICEF estimates that 14 million children have been affected and are at risk of becoming a lost generation, including 2.6 million children who are no longer in school, and close to two million who are living as refugees in neighbouring countries. After her visit Salma Said “I’m deeply inspired by the courage of the Syrian refugee children and their families that I met in Lebanon who, against the odds, and despite the harm they have suffered or witnessed, are still determined to endure life and hope for a better future. I’m also moved by the generosity so many Lebanese people have shown toward those seeking refuge in their country,” and she added “I plead to everyone who is grateful for the peace and stability in their lives to show compassion for those who have lost it all and to help.”