Saudi campaign secures housing for 3202 Syrian family in Lebanon

Saudi campaign secures housing for 3202 Syrian family in Lebanonimage

10 Aug 2015

Saudi Arabia national campaign to support the brothers in Syria, complete the third phase of its project “My brother your dwelling is your reassurance” to advantage from this three phases 3202 Syrian refugee family with financial cost $ 19,589,137 riyals in refugee camps in Lebanon.

Walid Jalal, director of the campaign office in Lebanon, explained that the campaign ends the third phase project after a year and a half on its inception, and aims to provide decent housing for families Syrian classified as humanitarian cases from the families of the martyrs, wounded, detainees, missing persons and persons with disabilities of Syrian refugees families in Lebanon, and he pointed out that the project has achieved great success by providing adequate and health housing for the brothers Syrian refugees.

D. Badr Samhan, Regional Director of the National Campaign, stressed that the campaign consider this Sheltered program is leading relief projects, because of its great importance for Syrian brother because of their inability to pay the rent costs, especially in Lebanon, he added that this important project came by financial funding from the Saudi people who did not hesitate from the beginning of the Syrian crisis to stand next to the Syrian brothers and support them, he noted that the campaign and through all its programs will be retained to provide a helping hand and support Syrian refugees and will not save efforts to help them until they return to their country safely, and this came as a response to recommendations from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince of the Secretary-General on the supervisor campaigns relief Arabia.