Saudi National Campaign opens productive training kitchen within “My brother your future in your hand” program

Saudi National Campaign opens productive training kitchen within “My brother your future in your hand” programimage

24 Jul 2015

In the context of the continued implementation of the “My brother your future in your hand” program opened the Saudi national campaign to support the brothers in Syria “productive training Kitchen” dedicated to the training of young Syrian women from the age group (17-25 years) on necessary skills in preparation and production of diverse varieties of food, sweets and pickles so it is increase the chances of trainees to get jobs to enable them to provide a source of income to support themselves and their families to meet their basic needs in light of the worsening humanitarian situation of more than 4 million Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, according to the latest estimates of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Where he explained the Director of the Saudi National Campaign Office in Lebanon Professor / Walid Ben Ali Jalal that the campaign relied add the field of “cooking” package of training areas that target through the training of about 700 young men and women of our Syrian brothers refugees who are scattered on different held training courses in various technical and craft areas (Mechanical, sew, and Graphic Design) within the training program “My brother your future in your hand.”

He added that the first of the trainees in the field of cooking began in recent days in the actual production and practical application of what have been rehearsed it, by taking advantage of food available in the “productive training kitchen” providing daily ready meals benefit from it a number of Syrian families with bad financial conditions, in addition to the families of the trainees themselves, in order to achieve the concept of sustainability, continuity and common interest.

For his part, regional director for the Saudi national campaign to support brothers in Syria, Dr.Badr bin Abdul Rahman Al Samhan, explained that under the guidance of the wise leadership and under the supervision of the Crown Prince, secretary general supervisor of relief campaigns in Saudi Arabia, the campaign is keen on the sustainability of the positive impact of its work in relief and long-term future outlook, through such projects that will enhance the Syrian refugees opportunities to acquire hand profession gets through to a decent living for them and their family without having to wait for extending a helping hand to them.