Saudi national campaign provides bread to 3,900 families in Syria

Saudi national campaign provides bread to 3,900 families in Syriaimage

03 Jun 2015

Saudi Arabia launched a national campaign to support the people in Syria, it’s the fourth stage of the program “brother enjoy your food” for the distribution amounts of bread daily for 3900 Syrian family in the northern areas in Syria.

Badr Samhan, The Regional Director for the campaign, stressed that the campaign continues its work and committed to the continuation its programs in various medical, educational, nutritional, residential, social and seasonal axis, among these programs, “brother enjoy your food”, which through it, amounts of bread distribute on a daily basis for 3900 Syrian family through mobile ovens which ensured the campaign to equip and run it in the northern areas inside Syria, and close to the border crossings ( Bab Alslama and Bab Alhawa) on the Turkish-Syrian border. The total production capacity of more than 64 thousand bread in a day, as well as the daily distribution 20 thousand of bread in several areas.

He said, “Under the guidance from the King of Saudi, the campaign is keen to bring its programs as much as possible of the desired interest for Syrians refugees and displaced in various areas, a study is being running to increase the number of mobile ovens to cover wider areas inside Syria due to the acceleration of events, and increase the number of displaced people there in light of changes and developments in the north of Syria”.