“Sendyan” Virtual University for Syrians in Camps

“Sendyan” Virtual University for Syrians in Campsimage

13 Oct 2015

Huffington Post website in Arabic detected that the founder of “Manast Rawaq” for education, complete implementation and cooperation mechanisms with partners about the curriculum and academic accreditation for the project “Sendyan” specialized in teaching Syrian refugees in camps.

The website explained that Fouad Al-Farhan, Sami Al-Hsain from Saudi Arabia and Raed Al-Emadi from Qatar took over the task of spreading education through lanching electronic platforms, and the most famous was “Manst Rwaq” for open learning.

Al-Hsain said, one of the founders of the platform, “Our goal is deliver the education for all Arabic speakers, regardless of place of residence, age, and scientific degree.”

He added that “the project which the number of beneficiaries nearly 300 thousand, seek to access to more than 350 million people, because the education is the right of everyone and with a technical it will be easy to provide this right.”

“Rwaq” considered the first step in huge educational project, it was a reason for starting another initiative aimed to providing education for refugees around the world, so these educational certificates will help refugees in their life away from home.

And about “Sendyan” project, Al-Hsain said “We welcome all those who can contribute in the project from the Academy views or teachers or equipment.”

The number is unlimited, according to Al-Hsain, “Anyone who has a smart phone or mobile device can benefit from the initiative,” he adding “We are currently working on providing centers in Syrian refugee camps and the start will be from Turkey as it contains the largest number of refugees.”

“Sendyan” which will serve as a virtual university for refugees will give them recognized certificates after final tests, it expected to provide studies for: engineering, science, television production, design, and others that are easy to be teach electronically.

The education which provided by each “ Rwaq and Sendyan” is free, and costs no more than the existing tests fees, and Al-Hsain said, “we seek to be covered by global supporters as much as possible.”

“Food ensures a refugee’s life today, but education ensures their lives in the future, the food ensures their survival in the camp, but education creates opportunities outside that tent,” Al-Hsain added, stressing that “the project’s need for material support lies in the production of materials and provision of equipment and to cover the costs of the tests in accredited centers, specially that the project started actual step.”

Many Syrian students who did not have the grant or the opportunity to complete their education, search on electronic platforms to complete their education and get a recognized certification to ensure their future.