Serbia arrests network of human trafficking to Europe

Serbia arrests network of human trafficking to Europeimage

28 Apr 2015

Serbian police announced on Monday, arrest of a network of human trafficking to the EU across the Serbian border, and the Balkans. The network is made up of 15 members, accused of smuggling more than 200 people, mostly Syrians to Hungary and then to the European Union in exchange for sums ranging between 1,500 and $ 2,000. Serbian police said that this smuggling network linked to other networks in Turkey and Africa, daily attempts to insert immigrants illegally into the country, through the woods, and then travelling to Hungary. In an interview to ARA News, lawyer Berevan Ali confirmed that «Solution lies not only in the arrest of this smuggling networks, it will be replaced by other networks later, Problem lies in neglecting to deal with the reasons that forced them to endure hardship walking in the woods for days sometimes, and risking their lives to find countries receive them and provide them with security that they have lost at home». It is noteworthy that countries such as Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia has become a transit points for many Syrians immigrants, who left the country due to the scourge of war, which entered its fifth year, confirms recent reports big rise in their numbers over the previous year.