She wanted to film a documentary but she couldn’t leave the refugees

She wanted to film a documentary but she couldn’t leave the refugeesimage

16 Sep 2015

She was motivated by the issue of displaced Syrians, she decided to visit Zaatari camp to collect the facts about displaced people in a documentary film. However, she found herself without any prior plan doing more than documentary film, as she started to raise funds and provide help for displaced.

“I do not belong to any charitable organization, but I’m working on my own and convey what watch directly accurately, I see the truth and convey as clearly and accurately, looking for love, peace and hope, and these are the values that devoted myself and self-them, and through them I live the most beautiful days of my life and I see a more beautiful future as long as we have the consciences able to empathize with all that is humane and noble. “ Muna said.

Muna tells her story saying, in the beginning she was following the news and media coverage about the events happening in Syria, with all what those news had photos in them for innocent people, women and children being killed and forced to leave their houses. She was severely affected, and didn’t know what kind of help can a normal person without support from organizations give.

In the time she was watching the continuing of the number of people dying where it reaches tens of thousands and the number for people fleeing Syrian is millions, her heart was aching and she started to ask who are those numbers? Aren’t they people also, like us? On the 28 of May 2013 she decided that she can help them by showing their situation and suffer to people in the world, by telling their suffering stories in a documentary, to tell the stories of innocent people who lost their lives without doing any guilt.

“Breathing Numbers”

That was her goal in the first trip to Zaatari camp, filming a documentary, telling stories of victims and the suffering of refugees. When she started to work in the movie and met the refugees and she touched their suffer, they became a part of her that she couldn’t go back to United Emirates before launching fundraising campaign “Breathing Numbers” to help the refugees in Zaatari camp, which as 180,000 Syrian refugee.

Muna was able to give different kind of support of more than 2500 case, including medical support for diseased and injured, especially children, also a project for artificial limbs and eyes, she also opened a bank account for one hospital in Amman, Jordan to cover the treatment costs for urgent cases.

Muna Hareb from United Arab Emirates.. God bless you!