Shortage in $ 5.5 billion in funding for Syria refugees

Shortage in $ 5.5 billion in funding for Syria refugeesimage

26 Jun 2015

A report published by the United Nations and its partners in the “regional plan for refugees and flexibility 2015” said Thursday that a lack of funding for the plan, which amounted to about 3.47 billion dollars, leaving millions of Syrians refugees without vital support.

The report pointed out that “lack of funding hampers humanitarian and development assistance efforts to meet the needs of 3.9 million refugees who fled from the conflict in Syria, as well as more than 20 million people in the affected host communities in neighbouring countries.”

According to the report, the United Nations and partners of humanitarian organizations “received until the end of May to $ 1.6 billion, only 23% out of 4.53 billion dollars are required for the implementation of aid programs. Which means a gap equivalent to 3.47 billion dollars. “

The report quoted the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres as saying that “this huge crisis requires solidarity and shared responsibility on the part of the international community is much larger than what we’ve seen so far.”

He added, “rather than to see it, we suffer a serious lack of funding is a threat that we will not be able to meet even the most basic needs of survival for millions of people over the next six months.”

The food aid reduced to some 1.6 million refugees this year due to lack of funding, 750 thousand children not attending schools, and the health service which saving life has become too expensive for many people including 70 thousand pregnant women face the risk of insafe birth giving, according to the report.

The report warned that “about 130 thousand needy families will not receive financial assistance to help them to secure basic needs, and some will be deprived of the receipt of the monthly food support cards as well as the funding not be available soon.”

The Contributing organizations in making the report have called for the international community to “share the burden incurred by the host countries for Syrian refugees” warning that “failure to act would leave an entire generation of Syrians without the help and the host countries will suffer more.”

The dispute witnessed in Syria since mid-March 2011 caused killing of more than 230 thousand people, and about half of Syrians forced to leave their homes, and took refuge more than 4 million Syrian to neighbouring countries, especially Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Syria, according to the Commission, and they are living in difficult humanitarian conditions.