Spread Love and Peace for people in Douma

Spread Love and Peace for people in Doumaimage

27 May 2015

In an attempt to raise awareness in the British community about the humanitarian side of the ordeal away from selective media, politics and religion, Tarek Tuma, is doing a “Art || Hope” gallery, on May the 29th, at Med Fusion, Chelmsford, Essex.

The Syrian crisis is a humanitarian dilemma and the Syrian people are human beings not political or religious subjects, they deserve to be supported to ease their pain and stop the war. The hope is for this madness to end.

Tarek Tuma, is a Syrian artist from Douma, is donating his artwork, by selling his paintings and donating their money to people in Douma, Syria.

About this event Tarek said, “It’s a way to articulate that art equals hope; in the of war Art stands for Life and embodies Hope.”

“The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the Syria tragedy through the language of creativity. It shows the impact of the distraction of Douma city and the agony of people in my hometown.” Tarek added.

Tarek is showing 13 paintings; varies from mural size 5mx3m to small size 21cmx30, in which he used oil on canvas. The body of work has been executed in a period of almost years since 2013 in his studio at the city & Guilds of London Art School in 2013. Six paintings of what he is showing were exhibited in his MA at C&G.

“Some of the picture are painted on canvas and displayed 5cm far from the boards, the canvas is without stretchers and all what frame usually hides is revealed (to symbolise the fragility and exposure of the suffering). Visually the attitude of the artworks is polemic, and conflicting with a hint of hope. I was influenced by the works of great Artists like Malevich, Paul Klee, Picasso, Leon Golub.” Tarek said.

Tarek himself will be painting live on blank canvas-recalling peace and hope as his inspiration. Two Award winning and most unique musicians of 2015, will also accompany him, Paolo Morena and Tall Dark Friend.

About the proceeds out of this project, Tarek said; “All the proceeds of the sold painting will go to my sister’s family and the event’s proceeds will go to our project Help Douma”.

“Douma is a forgotten city, her people are in pain, Love and Hope is, all we need to provide, to end the crisis-that is what I want to say to Douma and the rest of the world.” Tarek added.

You can support Tarek at his fundraising page: https://www.justgiving.com/HelpDouma

Also you can check the page for Art || Hope event on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/events/447006182139500/