Suggestion to reconsider the distribution of immigrants to Europe

Suggestion to reconsider the distribution of immigrants to Europeimage

12 May 2015

Bernard Kaznov, French Interior Minister, said on Monday that his country supports the proposal by the European Union to re-distribution of illegal immigrants evenly among EU countries.

Kaznov said to “RTL” Radio, “this proposal was partly inspired by proposals from France. It makes sense that there should be a redistribution of the numbers in the European Union”.

It is scheduled that the European Union Commission reveal this plan this week, and states to provide a quota system to ease the burden of immigrants from southern state especially Italy.

Rome asked for help from the European Union to deal with the thousands of migrants who reach Europe by boat from Libya, and rising pressure to move after the sinking of a ship in the Mediterranean Sea and the deaths of nearly 800 people.

Other countries Supports the quota system, which are not considered from the front States facing exodus of migrants, such as Germany and Austria, but the proposal needed the approval of all the twenty-eight member states and this is uncertain. Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister, describe this proposal on Friday as a “crazy idea”.