Summer camp for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon

Summer camp for Syrian refugee children in Lebanonimage

14 May 2015

Christian Aid Mission sponsors a week-long summer camp for Syrian refugee children who fled their countries running from death and looking for a safe place to live.

The camp, put on by an organization called Cedar of Lebanon, and it offers fun activities, new friendships, and most importantly the Gospel message.

“The kids hear messages of hope related to their daily life challenges–how God loves them, can protect them and can save them,” the native ministry leader said, according to an article by Christian Aid Mission. “They learn how to ask Jesus for forgiveness, and we see dozens and dozens who give their lives to the Lord each year.”

Every year, about 300 refugees attend the camp, which costs $100 for the week. Though it only provides a temporary relief from fear and suffering, the children do not easily forget the love they were shown.

According to an article by Christian aid mission, one boy said to his leader “I will always remember your kindness,”

There are nearly four million Syrian refugees who fled to the surrounding countries, while 21.2% of them are between the ages of 5 and 11, those Children are often deprived of joy and a sense of stability, They have lost things most children from other safe countries take for granted, such as homes, provisions, belongings, and even family, Poverty and suffering have robbed them of their childhood.