Support drops to 240 thousand Syrian refugees due to shortage, Jordan

Support drops to 240 thousand Syrian refugees due to shortage, Jordanimage

23 Apr 2015

Spokeswoman of the World Food Program in Jordan “Shatha Al-moghrabi” said, “The lack of funding forced the program to reduce the value of food vouchers to 240 thousands Syrian refugees outside the refugee camps.” She added, the food assistance program to Syrian refugees inside and outside the camps, has fell to 15$ million a month after it was 25$ million. She said, in announcments to the “24 website”, “The program delivered 16$ to the refugees instead of 30$”, pointing that the program has found after extensive studies, that the new money could help the Syrian refugees to meet their needs for food, especially that most of the refugee families’s head found jobs in the Jordanian market. “Al-moghrabi” also pointed out that the program has kept the value of the vouchers for 190 thousands Syrian refugees who are outside the camps, because of poor economic conditions, and the need for these families to breadwinner, or even presence of a handicapped breadwinner. “Al-moghrabi” confirmed that the market studies carried out earlier by the World Food Programme revealed that 85% of Syrian refugees in Jordan, depend on food aid provided by WFP, with different levels for need of help, pointing that studies have shown the presence of 15% of the Syrian refugees are not in need for the program support inorder to meet their food requirement. “Al-moghrabi” expects that the pending objection requests filed to the Food Programme by the refugees who have been excluded from the food aid, to be solved during May. Pointing out that the study of applications and refugees situations, taking into account the number of children per family, the presence of chronic diseases in any individual, widows, families lacking for breadwinner and the change in the national poverty all together with head of the family’s involvement in work and abandoning it, of course with other factors.