Syria participated in the World Cup for orphans

Syria participated in the World Cup for orphansimage

02 Sep 2015

The Charity World Cup for Orphans (Satok) was concluded, in Cairo, under the supervision of Shekha Al Thani Organization. The Syrian team for orphans (children of Martyrs) participated in this championship together with teams from other countries; England, Algeria, Morocco Mauritania, Ivory Coast, Philippines and Egypt.

The friendly tournament lasted for three with the Egyptian team winning the tournament. It was not only about winning, with the charm full charity atmosphere the sponsors worked to achieve, aiming to give happiness to children who tough life conditions deprived them from their lovers.

Eight Syrian children under the age of 15, who have lost their loved ones through continuous system war on the Syrian people, who participated in the tournament after it has been assembled in the Arab Republic of Egypt, under the auspices of directly from the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Organization of Sheikha Al Thani, in collaboration with Syria Foundation tomorrow relief, have worked hard over the past months in order to reach the best level through to prepare for the tournament, but the time was not enough, as they got the sixth place out of eight teams competing.

“Children are not alone, we are with them,” This is the message, the Arab and Foreign football stars tried to deliver to those children.