Syria’s future is at risk without education

Syria’s future is at risk without educationimage

14 Jun 2015


Many Syrian students struggle to remember how life was in Syria before the conflict, and they talk passionately about what they miss. Syrian students are missing fun things, like riding their bikes and playing football. However, what they miss the most is being able to go to school.The conflict has impacted the Syrian generation to be on hold for many years and unable to access education, and these students will be a forgotten generation. Many students are with uncertain futures and without education. How will Syrian students who have experience violence and lost so many members of their families will have a chance to live a normal life? These students do not have opportunities to access education, so how they will be ready to build a future where their children will feel safe?
Anamel School is the initiative that has the potential to make an enormous difference for Syrian students and the impact on the future of the country.The school is offering many learning opportunities by enrolling many local students to the school. Anamel School is the help that these children need through offering them education chances and the opportunities that they can use to rebuild their country. Anamel School has many classrooms where lessons in Arabic, English, math and other topics are being taught. The crucial fact that if Anamel School can not help these children to go back to school, what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of others? if the next generation will not be educated, how they will be able to change anything?
In Syria, education can be one of the deadliest aspirations for the children and teachers, as the schools are being damaged and destroyed in the ongoing conflict. Anamel School educational facilities have been affected by the air strikes and shelling. Anamel School is calling to implement obligations to protect the schools in order to prevent the endangering of lives of innocent children and teachers and stopping forcing millions of students out of education.The international community has failed to act on ensuring that there is ‘No Lost Generation’ of Syrian students.The international community has to step up and respond to ensure that Syria do not lose a generation of children. Other factors that can enforce students to leave school cause they suffer from trauma and severe psychological distress that affect their ability to learn. Also, the daily uprising can affect the ability of the children to concentrate in class. 

Anamel School has offered the help to equip the Syrian students for their current present and also for their future and to be able to cope with their fears and to rebuild their country. The Syrian education crisis is fuelling a widespread of child labour and early marriage. The risk of the loss of the educational opportunities drives young people into joining some radicalised groups. Anamel School cannot cope with the continuous students that are willing to enrol in the school and the current school intake is over-stretched and under-resourced. Anamel School has planned the strategy to deliver education to the vulnerable students for up to many hundreds of children that live locally