Syrian Businessman gives 100 scholarships for Syrian Students in Gaziantep

Syrian Businessman gives 100 scholarships for Syrian Students in Gaziantepimage

03 Jun 2015

In cooperation with Gaziantep University, Syrian businessman, Eng. Walid Al-Zouby, gave 100 scholarships for Syrian students to study in this university.

The scholarships pays $100 monthly for 12 month, starting from the 1st of June, in which the money would be sent to the university’s account and then the university give the money to students.

The scholarship was launched as a part of the international scholarship scheme worked by in the university. The university’s vice president and Eng. Walid Al-Zouby, met the scholarship winners and talked to them.

Al-Zouby thanked the Turkish government and the Turkish Universities for providing every support for the Syrians, especially in the education field, confirming that the relation with the Turkish universities is strategic and this project will grow more.

The Scholarship had been announced on the university’s website, and the applications were received by email, the acceptance criteria, stressed on two main points; the grades, and the humanitarian situations.

Gaziantep University announced last February to start teach courses in Arabic language, in a try to deal with the language challenge for Syrian students, who do not know Turkish Language.