Syrian Children dancing and singing in therapeutic Festival

Syrian Children dancing and singing in therapeutic Festivalimage

08 Jun 2015

Charities Workers from “Save the Children in Kurdistan charity” had started technical campaign to help Syrian Kurds refugee children who were traumatized by the atrocities, which they had lived in their home country Syria, because of the war.


The campaign was promoted through the festival, which was held in the Kurdish city of Sulaimaniya in Iraq, with a celebrate Children’s Day program for a month.


The festival, which was held in arabized camp for Syrian refugees in Sulaymaniyah, had included poetry, performance of songs, and traditional Kurdish dances, in addition to that their was an exhibition of paintings which were painted by children.


The festival shows a multi-dimensional approach in the use of Creative Arts in the treatment and healing the wounds of the past and empowerment.


The EDUCATIONL program which was called (Hart), a shortcut for (health care and education through the arts) gave the idea of ​​using art to relieve the burdens of children from their daily lives, and most of those children didn’t hold a drawing brush before.


Rang Abdullah, the director of children Kizewa nursery where the ceremony took place, said, “We have 175 children, and we are trying to make them forget the painful memories of the war and the suffering, which they had experienced. We want to give them back some of their rights and empower them to live their childhood. We have entertaining and educational day activities for them. “


 Abdullah added that all the children in the school where he is working have been subjected to violent shocks because of the war and displacement.


He said, “The war certainly affected the lives of children and we could see it through our daily dealing with them, it was very clear in the beginning, but over time it has become less noticeable. We have tried through our educational programs and activities to mitigate the impact of war and we had made progress, we can see real change already. “


The children’s drawings with bright colours had decorated the walls of the kindergarten and the drawings depicting children playing under a smiling sun, rainbows, and families gather to play in the restoration of happy moments, which had passed.


With the end of the celebration, approaching gifts were distributed to the children in a rare event in the camp.


Mohammad Mustafa, a Syrian child refugee’s who was participant in the event, said “there is a war in Syria, so we had to leave our country, I came to this kindergarten. it is very beautiful. Here we evaluate concerts, sing and even receive gifts. “


Another girl called Halbwst Chara said “We came here because of the bombing in Syria. We love our kindergarten because here we can play, learn, sing and do beautiful things. “