Syrian children send a message to the whole world through sport in the World Cup Championship in Cairo.

Syrian children send a message to the whole world through sport in the World Cup Championship in Cairo.image

26 May 2015

<p>Sheikha Al Thani, the President of Satok institution for orphaned children, and the Organizer of the World Cup Championship in Cairo, scheduled for next August, participated in a conference anniversary of the Syrian revolution, which is held by Syria Relief Foundation in London, and was attended by Mohammed Afzal Khan, the mayor of the city of Manchester in UK, who praised the idea of ​​the World Cup for Orphans in Cairo, and considered it as a very good step to contain those children through football.</p>


<p>Mohammed Afzal Khan, the mayor of Manchester, predicted a success for the orphans  World Cup in Cairo, especially that a large number of countries will participate in the first tournament, and he praised the attention of Satok Foundation to annexation the Syrian team into the tournament, and for inviting 300 kids of Syrian refugees children to attend the World Cup.</p>


<p>Sheikha Al Thani stressed that she was keen on the participation of the Syrian team in the tournament, which the first version of it will be in Cairo, with the participation of children in the age group ranging from 14 to 15 years old, so that will be an opportunity for Syrian children to send a message to the whole world through sport, to rescue them from the bad situation in their country.</p>


<p>And she added that the Syrian national team includes eight children, in addition to the 300 Syrian refugee children who will attend the tournament as guests.</p>


<p>Sheikha Al Thani said that seven countries have confirmed their participation in the tournament, and they are Egypt the host country, England, Honduras, Colombia, Algeria, Morocco and the Philippines, , and there are other countries which their participation will be announced in the coming days.</p>


<p>The tournament will be attended by many of the stadiums and international sports stars, to participate in the event as ambassadors for their countries, and that will be to service the orphan children, and led by Hassan Shehata, the Ex-technical director of the Alwatany team and the technical director of the Almokawylon team currently, Ahmed Hassan, the Dean of the players in the world, Jorge Luis Pinto, the Kocetkarika coach in the last World Cup in Brazil, who will be the technical director of the Honduras team in Satok Cup, Fernando Montano, ballerina, the Italian Carlo Contsteina, the Chelsea Ex-goalkeeper, the Algerian Rabah Madjer, and Hadi khashba the Ex star of Alahli team.</p>


<p>The committee organizing announced the accession of Hazem Emam and Shikabala as ambassadors for the tournament, saying that their presence is very important for the children to benefit from their skills and potential. </p>