Syrian refugees gather in the Turkish Edirne to go overland to Greece

Syrian refugees gather in the Turkish Edirne to go overland to Greeceimage

17 Sep 2015

Nearly a thousand Syrian refugees continue waiting in the state of Edirne north-west Turkey, in order to reach Greece through roads not the sea, in response to invitation launched by the Syrian refugees in different social networking sites.

With the increasing number of refugees who started arriving to Edirne since last night, most of them began to sleep on the highway adjacent land, after authorities prevent them from entering the city.

According to the refugees, taxis and vans move them to areas close to the entrance of Edirne, before arriving to the check point of Janderma, after the issuance of the Turkish Interior Ministry for the transportation companies, not to transfer refugees from Istanbul to the city.

Some of the refugees said that their destination to go to Germany, calling the Turkish government to allow them to leave. “Ahmad Lutfi” a refugee said that he want to go to Europe and live there, pointing out that they will not return to Istanbul in the event of not allowing them access to the border, saying “we die here and not go back.”

Refugees plans to continue waiting while allowing them to move towards the Greek border.

Furthermore, disaster and emergency management (AFAD) of the Presidency of the Turkish ministers, the Turkish humanitarian relief (IHH) and some charities in the city, work on the distribution of blankets, and food for refugees, while the Janderma took security measures in the region, with some Arab and foreign media take pictures for the refugees.

In the meantime, many of the refugees waiting at the city bus station and one of its gardens, until they are able to go to the Greek border. The estimated number of refugees who are waiting in Edirne more than 1,750 refugees.