Syrian refugees in Lebanon dream of having heaters

Syrian refugees in Lebanon dream of having heatersimage

16 Oct 2015

Syrian refugees in Lebanon is trying to adapt with his new status through search for job provide to him and his family live in dignity and not to wait for the United Nations humanitarian aid and associations. One of these refugees is the young Ammar Al-Shaar, escaper from death in the city of Homs to the province of Akkar, north Lebanon, one of the most disadvantaged and poorest areas, which are home to the largest number of Syrian refugees in the country.

This young man transfers his career in heaters industry, that has mastered for years in the industrial city of Homs, to his asylum place Akkar, where he met with Ahmed Zakaria, Lebanese young man who owns factory for the production of gas cylinders, so they agreed to produce this kind of heaters especially winter is coming. Ammar hopes that heaters which are made will reach to the Syrians living in the camps, and suffering from the bitter cold.

He believes that “integration and compatibility between him and Ahmad, may serve as a model for cooperation between the Lebanese benefit from the experience of refugees, and refugees are not begging aid in order to live,” he continued, they “do well important commodity were not previously exist.” But he stressed that his work and his success in this profession in Lebanon “will not forget it his city and his factory there in Homs and will return one day to rebuild everything that was destroyed.”

The relationship between the factory owner and the worker does not seem fleeting relationship the young university student Ahmed Zakaria believes that “cooperation with Syrian craftsmen resulted in important productive.” He adds that he “gave money, equipment and expertise have provided us with a complete idea and turn into reality.”

About the situation inside the refugees camps in Akkar, Khaled said, “People here are poor, they have nothing to do but to be patient and wait. All they ask for is some Nylon to cover their tents and some wood to support it. The Nylon is already torn by sun light, imagine how will it be during winter and storms.”

“The ground of the camp is muddy, we are expecting a hard and cold winter. Unfortunately, the aid and support has greatly decreased, this camp is not also supported by any organization. I hope those who work in relief aid, would receive our call and provide us help”. This is how Khaled ended his words.