Syrian refugees suffering turned into a online game

Syrian refugees suffering turned into a online gameimage

10 Apr 2015

BBC has made a computer game witch is based on the stories of Syrian refugees who tried to escape into Europe. Players of the online game are tasked with escaping Syria – which has been ravaged by civil war and making it into Europe. the game was available on BBC website named as “Syrian journey”, and often leaded to players dying,drowning in the Mediterranean or being sold to militia firstly the Player should choose the gender of the refugee he is playing before attempting to flee Syria, either via Turkey or Egypt,as they make difficult decisions about whether to travel by land or sea. nevertheless you could be separated from your family by human traffickers, furthermore you’ll have to face allot of difficult decisions, most of the time leads to there death. however it was criticized by experts for turning the suffering of millions into a ‘children’s game’. Middle East expert Chris Walker told The Sun: ‘In the midst of probably the bloodiest Syrian crisis this century, the decision of the BBC to transform the human suffering of literally millions into a children’s game beggars belief.’ what could be more painful than knowing that The Syrian conflict has led to the deaths of up to 300,000 people since it began more than four years ago. Millions have fled to escape the violence, seeking shelter in overflowing refugee camps in bordering countries as well as making perilous journeys to the safety of Europe by land and sea.