Syrian’s Suffering in Cultural week in Brussels

Syrian’s Suffering in Cultural week in Brusselsimage

02 Jun 2015

A cultural week was launched in the European Union headquarter, Brussels, aiming to tell the world about the tragic daily life of Syrians in Details.

“Syria; The Third Space” exhibition, under supervision of the British Council, was launched on Monday and continues till the 5th of June, is one of many other shows and discussions which aim to show the big role of art and culture in serving resilience and reconciliation.

There would be a rich content to be shown in the event, documentaries by Syrian women had to leave their houses, photos by activists had threaten their lives to tell the people about the suffering in Syrian, and many other materials.

The British Council organized a show and discussion of the documentary film entitled “Syria Queens” for Yasmine Feda, which documented the extraordinary efforts undertaken by a group of Syrian refugees in the production of their own version of one of the oldest plays “Trojan Women”.

“Culture and Conflict: The Power of culture in the resilience and reconciliation” seminar, in which activists and artists would tell about their opinions about this topic.

The exhibition includes 30 works of art, including video project Graphic under the title “No Sky” for each of Muhammad Imran and Bisan-Sheikh, to express what is happening in Syria, where chose art as a means to express their grief at what is happening in their country from destruction and survey of the villages complete and cities from memory.

Even knitting had its share in the exhibition, including the mantle story that Mohammed Khayat continues to knit mimicking and recalling the memories of his mother wavering his clothes, then moves between Syrian refugees who offer pieces of clothes they own, so Mohammed adds it to his scarf to cover a refugee, and take a picture of him.

Activities will give the European audiences the opportunity to learn about the efforts and the work of Syrian artists and their ability to create life and art in light of the feelings of nostalgia for their homeland in alienation.