Syrian Youth establish a radio station in Netherland and aspire to make reach all Europe

Syrian Youth establish a radio station in Netherland and aspire to make reach all Europeimage

04 Aug 2015

While most of who are in a temporary accommodation centers in the Netherlands are waiting for the next step, obtaining residency, receive assistance, and shelter, others were thinking and planning for a Syrian project and planning to make it reach many of the European countries soon.

Ammar Hassan, 25 years old, Syrian young man discovered that there is a gap in information between what Arabic sites offer, and what Syrian refugees need in Netherlands, he says, “I was interested in the news in Netherlands, I noted that the Arab sites offer general information, and by virtue of my education and my knowledge of the English language I decided to establish a page on Facebook, and provide news in Netherlands in Arabic.”

A simple idea to help many

“A simple idea, a personal effort, and in the leisure time provided a lot of information for Syrian refugees in Netherlands” the thing that was expressed by many people with thanks messages what made Ammar take the next step, “I started to add my own touches to the news, translate news with my own style of writing, of course, choose the most relevant and useful for the Dutch life and culture information” Hassan adds.

“With hosting from the international Radionomy, I created a similar page on facebook (Netherland in Arabic) including distinctive programs similar to Syrian programs.”

Accomplished in record time

Establishing the radio was not an easy step, and especially any radio station needs a staff to complete the multiple functions of some of the work.

Estimated one month period experimental broadcasting was tough, especially that each member of the team in a different city and were communicating via the Internet.

“Seven thousand followers, according to the follow-up site Radionomy statistics during the experimental month is not ordinary feedback we managed to achieve, and the team rush for volunteer work, continuously and cast them for new ideas was a powerful incentive to continue”

Beyond Vision

However, the dream for (Netherland in Arbaic) is greater, according to Hassan, “we strive to open our own studio and office, and retain our position on the FM wave of support from the Dutch government, and also to be broadcast in Arabic-language in Netherlands and neighboring countries (France, Belgium and Germany)”.